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Case 01
Electronic Structure Calculation First-principle calculations
DFT aims to obtain the ground-state electronic state of a material. You can get information about the ground-state energy and lattice parameter of the optimized structure, electrical properties of materials.
Case 02
Molecular Dynamics
Basically, the relevant structural information in the static state can be obtained mainly from the nanoscale, and various simulations such as Fracture, Dislocation movement, and dynamic interaction between structures can be performed.
Case 03
Thermodynamics calculation CALPHAD method
You can get any type, amount and components of phase diagram, and heat treatment temperature information to have the corresponding microstructure according to the heat treatment temperature.
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Materials Square is based on the optimized cloud HPC environment.
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Use credit with group members. We also offer up to 50% discount on bulk purchases. You can manage your credit more efficiently through group management.
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Using MatSQ in the DFT calculations was greatly beneficial to support our observations and claims, and the modeling results were in complete agreement with the experimental analysis.

SAFA HAGHIGHAT, a Ph.D. candidate
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