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[New] 'MatSQ Unlimited Plan' has been released ! | July 1st ~

2020-06-29 17:00:12

From July 1, 2020, You can use unlimited cloud server on Materials Square.
You can still submit jobs to a dedicated cloud HPC using the designated cores, even if you use all of the credits of your plan.
Subscribe the MatSQ's new plan and Expand your research with the UNLIMITED cloud computing resources!

*Academy plan 'Graphite-100' includes 2,000 CPU hours only. (No unlimited service)
*To sign up for 'Graphite-100', you must sign up with a school-issued email account for academic verification.

If you subscribe Graphene-330 on January 1st,
CPU hrs
Jan 1
Unlimited computing
Use an unlimited server (8 cores) without additional cost until Jan 31.
30 days x 24 hrs x $ 0.25 x 8 core= $ 1,440
Monthly provided credits
Use monthly provided credits (1000 cpu hrs.) regardless server type or number.
1,000 hrs x $ 0.25 = $ 250
Jan 31
You can use $ 1,690 of computing with $ 330 plan per month WITHOUT LONG-TERM CONTRACTION.

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